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Latuda not working anymore and causing too much sedation.

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Usually I am very resistant to any medication that causes sedation. For example, for trazodone to make me sleepy, it takes 300-400 mg to knock me out. But even when I was on 40 mg of Latuda it was too sedation and now I'm on 80. I sleep way too much and it didn't start until I took the Latuda. What other AAP should I try? I want to try Risperdal but I am terrified of getting hyperprolactinemia because I am a male and already overweight. I see my pdoc in like an hour. Any suggestions? 

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i had lots of troubles with latuda and sedation too.  i couldn't get up to the same dose most people take.


have you ever tried seroquel/quetiapine?  i did have prolactin issues with risperdal, but not seroquel.  it also has such a wide dosing range that you might be able to address both mood and sleep issues with the same drug (i'm always in favour of one drug for multiple uses, just a personal preference).

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After I take Latuda in the morning most of the times I need to take a nap. After I take Latuda at bedtime it slowly knocks me out smoothly.

I like the sedation it gives cos I like taking naps and sleeping.


With Risperidone and Seroquel I overslept. Sometimes Latuda gives me horrible akathisia that I need to take cogentin and Lorazepam. The sedation doesn't last very long.

I always wake up in the middle of the night and I become wide awake.

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