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First day

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Hi everyone,


I recently found the board from a search result and have been hoovering up the different threads which have been helpful. 

I have lots of questions regarding my own experiences, but not much opportunities to ask questions beyond seeing my pdoc once every couple of months. I am hoping that the first hand experience of everyone here might shed some light to questions that are pressing for me. I am also hoping that I might be able to contribute and help someone else out too.  

I figured it was only polite before I start posting to just say hello to you all.



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Welcome to our happy asylum.  I remember spending hours reading threads when I first joined---I hope you are finding some useful information.


Please contact one of the staff people if we can help you in any way.



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Hey Olga and MiaB,


Thanks to you both for the shout out.

I definitely am finding useful information, this site is a great resource. I am looking forward to getting stuck in soon :)


Thanks again

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