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Hi, I'm Depressed and haven't showered in a Month

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Hi everyone,


not the most cheerful intro... but I've been severely Depressed since April 28th, 2003, hospitalized countless times in 3 or 4 countries, am resistant to treatment (MAOIs didn't help, next, I'm told to have ECT but have always refused).


Before that, my life was great: was doing a PhD and research in a field I loved, had friends, trusted my family, traveled often, really a pretty perfect life.


Then it all collapsed (or rather I did).

Now, what remains is my husband of 13 yrs and my cats.

My husband's as depressed as I am, though still able to work (unlike me).

My cats are happy and very spoiled, but hey they deserve it since they're the ones who manage to help me the most.


I live in France, but haven't found any decent medical help yet (took almost 2 years to get health insurance...).

Oh, and I have as much energy as a Jellyfish.


Also not entirely sure why I've signed up: first time ever that I sign up on such a forum ever, even though I spend a lot of time online.

Actually, first time I talk about my illness online ever: feels like a shameful dirty secret!


Well, nice to meet you all.

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Hi Cats ! Quite a title to walk into a room with, but I have been there myself. I guess something happened April 28 that sent you down this dark path?

That date holds sadness for me too remembering it.

I got 2 cat's myself and 2 rats, there are all I have left in my life. So I know what you mean about the comfort they bring. So welcome and I look forward to hear more about what's going on, and what else helps you.

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