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Hi I'm Rish, almost 30 year old female from London, UK.

I got diagnosed with undifferentiated schizophrenia roughly 5 years ago. That has not been too much of a struggle on meds to be honest. I've made it into remission since that psychotic episode.

Sometime back my meds were upped to 7.5mg Abilify due to depression. 5mg was controlling the psychosis pretty well for quite a few years.

My pdoc and I tried a few months ago for the second time within 1 1/2 years to reduce meds from 7.5mg Abilify to 5mg Abilify.

I got depressed again so had to have the meds upped again to 7.5mg two weeks ago. I recently saw my diagnosis on paper. It's schizoaffective, mixed type.

I'm tired of not knowing how I'm going to be feeling one day to the next or even how I'm going to be feeling after half the day has passed.

I don't know what the hell is triggering these episodes!

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Welcome to CrazyBoards! I'm sorry you're struggling right now and hope you find support here.  This might be a useful forum for you to start on (click on the link).


Don't hesitate to contact a staff member if you need help with anything.



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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I hope you like hanging out with us.


It's a real struggle to balance the meds we take so that we can function.  Good luck and don't be afraid  to ask questions if you need an answer.



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