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High Glucose Caused by Antipsychotic... Metformin by Pdoc?

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I am technically diagnosed as "pre-diabetic" by my medical dr, but from what I am hearing from the nurse at my MHA, my Pdoc can put me on Metformin (for diabetes).  My glucose numbers are skyrocketing from my new meds Zyprexa, Lithium and Lovastatin(for high cholesterol).  Apparently diabetes is a direct side effect of these medications.  I need them because they are the only ones that have helped stabilize me.  Has anyone here been put on diabetes medication by your pdoc? 

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I am also prediabetic. There is no history of diabetes in my family, but I did have gestational diabetes. I am overweight, so that could be part of it. We don't know whether it's the meds, or just me. I take metformin. I started out at 500mg and am now on 750mg. My blood sugar levels are now normal. My A1C is 5.2, so normal. It took about a  year to get me back at normal levels.

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