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Staying awake after an all-nighter, tips.

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Not sleeping can be a bummer especially if you want to sleep. But what's a bigger bummer, missing work the next day. If you don't sleep for a night, it is important that you stay awake during the day so you don't mess up your sleep pattern. Wait till your regular bedtime before going to sleep.



Natural tips:

  • Stimulation is vital, do things that interest you, that you like, be productive. Go to work or school.
  • Eat food and drink water but in moderation. If you eat a lot you'll feel tired, if you drink too much, you'll pee alot and you might get dehydrated.
  • Get a power nap if you can, this is only for those with strong will. If you can wake yourself up, do it. Use an alarm. If not, don't.  30 hour would do
  • Expose yourself to light, and colourful imagery
  • Chewing gum could help too, keeping your mouth active.
  • Move around and maybe do a bit of exercise but try not to wear yourself out


  • If you think caffeine can help, do it
  • Drink plenty of water since coffee dyhydrates you and can make you tired.
  • Don't over do it though, you'll get a crash


If you haven't slept for more than 2 days and you feel tired try to sleep at any time if you can, it's vital. Health comes first. You don't want to start tripping because of sleep deprivation or even relapsing.

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