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Being initmidated with JAIL TIME for being depressed?!

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This is a very old issue that is still bothering me today (because she still works there - she has seniority):


So I was having suicidal thoughts/desires and checked myself into an adult drop-in crisis support group. The therapist (mean, old lady) brought in another woman into the group. It was me, this woman, and the therapist only. The therapist asked the woman how her "child" was doing. The woman said her child was in prison for stealing money, etc. And then the therapist pointed her finger at me and looked at me with a scowl in her face. Btw, I have been going to this department of psychiatry for many years and they know me. In addition I told the therapist it takes me many hours to get out from my bed because of my MI condition and the therapist said, "Why? You can't find your wallet!?" I began crying. She then also said, "Here you are you're twelve. You need to get a job or you will stay in your parents house forever!".


First of all, what GIVES that bitch the right to slam derogatory insults into my face!? My main therapist said she was probably having a bad day. What kind of excuse is that?


Second, can she legally intimidate a patient such as me with jail time because I was feeling suicidal/very depressed? Is this how crisis therapy works?


Any thoughts?

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That doesn't sound like a good situation. No, that's not how crisis therapy is supposed to work and your therapists response is completely inadequate. 


I'm also struggling to understand your story. When did she threaten you with jail time? Why did she point at your randomly after the mother mentioned her son? It's not clear to me. 


I'm sorry you were treated that way. I hope you can figure out a way around her, if she's not going to get shitcanned. 

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I don't know how far you want to pursue it, but I would file a bunch of formal complaints about her.  She had no right to treat you like that and it is scary that she is a therapist.  I'd hate for her to get her claws into another person in crisis.

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