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Is this a thing? Because since I had a cold, like a month ago, I have been wheezing at night and something when I wake up.

Yesterday I had a tight chest and breathlessness for hours, possibly triggered by dust from moving files in my office. The day before I got out of breath cycling up a hill and couldn't breathe normally for a solid hour.

I get hayfever and had eczema as a young child. Soo, it isn't too totally far fetched.

I never had asthma as a kid though. I never even needed to see a doctor between the ages of 6 and 11. Isn't 22 a little old to start getting symptoms?

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Please go see a doctor.  You may have bronchitis, or maybe it is asthma.  But here is what you are doing to your body:


When your lungs can't get enough oxygen, your heart has to work all the harder.  There are people who have permanently damaged their hearts because of untreated bronchial issues.  You may need the temporary relief of an inhaler, or your GP may use some other treatment, but don't neglect it!  Seriously, you are hurting your heart if you can't breathe and you continue your normal activities.


This message was given to me by my GP when I stubbornly avoided him for 10 days of a cold that turned into bronchitis.  Now if I start to wheeze, I use the meds he has given me.  If they don't work, I go in to see him.  I've had such bad lung issues that he put me on a short course of Prednisone.  I don't want to take that stuff, but it knocked the bronchitis breathing issues right down.


Please go to an urgent care place or to your own doctor.


auntie olga

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Oh, don't worry olga. I have every intention of seeing my gp when I can get in. I had to leave work early yesterday. If I have to miss work then it's becoming a real problem. >:( Also, I bike most places. I need to be able to breathe!

Probably I won't see anyone immediately though. They tend to be booked up way in advance. I'll call on Monday.(Not really a bad thing; it's because they will take as long as you need during an appointment.)

It just seems weird. I have never had this problem before. I have never smoked or been exposed to anything out of the ordinary. This started with a normal cold that has otherwise been gone 3 weeks.

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Adult-onset asthma is a thing, but it's possible that infection is triggering lung inflammation when you would not otherwise have such. Infection of any sort, but especially any respiratory tract infection, can cause asthma-like symptoms in people...that then remit when the infection goes away.

Saw my mom have that...she caught bronchitis from a ventilator patient, had asthma symptoms for a while.

She got the resistant infection cleared, and the breathing issue went slowly away.

Uncontrolled asthma is degenerative; your lungs build up scar tissue and misbegotten smooth muscle tissue over time. Inhaled steroids prevent that outcome.

It helps that you bicycle.

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Oh, maybe that's it! It was a fairly chesty cold. I always get them like that. So it's like a post viral thing? Fricking viruses.

It feels like it's been getting worse rather than better over the past couple of weeks but maybe that's just because of the dust from the office clean out at work.

Hehe I have to bike because I don't have a car and the bus timetables in my town are works of pure fiction. I'm super lazy otherwise.

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Oh, I didn't see that. Thanks melissa. How did you find out at the time?


I was walking up a huge hill, and was having the hardest time getting a full breath in.  Didn't think much of it then other than being tired, but when I got home, I still had a hard time getting a full breath.  I had to keep leaning forward to get a breath. 


Then I had to carry laundry up 2 flights of stairs.  I barely made it up the first one, dropped the laundry basket and just sat down for about a half hour.  Once I felt like I could go up the second set of stairs I started, but when I got up to the top I was kind of gasping for a breath.  So I tried my best to relax, which kind of helped.  Went to the DR after that, told him what I was dealing with, and he said it was most likely adult-onset asthma, and prescribed a rescue inhaler.  That helped SO MUCH.


After awhile I needed a maintenance inhaler, along with the rescue inhaler for emergencies.  When I saw the asthma DR, he said it also sounded like exercise-induced asthma because every time I exercised I would have an asthma flare-up.  So I started using the rescue inhaler before exercising, and it made the world of difference.


Currently on 2 inhalers.

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Not quite adult onset, but as a teen I started needing a rescue inhaler. The campus doctor at my university was the first to prescribe a maintenance med. My asthma got much worse when I moved for school. It seems to be allergen related, I breathe better when I return to visit my family. I don't breathe as easily as when I was a teen though.


It is starting to be spring. Maybe there's some allergies that are aggravating an already unhappy respiratory system? 


Please see a doc. If not your GP, and urgent care or a doc-in-a-box at walgreens or something. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel when you can breathe well.

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It is a thing, but I absolutely agree with all the comments above that said get to a doctor asap.  As a horror story to motivate you, in 2013 I developed bronchitis, which turned into pneumonia and I eventually wound up in hospital with a tube in my chest because so much fluid had built up in one of my lungs.  This isn't something you want to screw around with, trust me.


eta Since then I seem to be more prone to breathing problems and bronchitis.  I can't take prednisone (doesn't play nicely with my BP), so my GP and pulmonologist had to scramble to find me inhalers that were safe to use. I now have an emergency one and a maintenance one, which admittedly I'm not so good about using.  Right now I'm battling a graveyard cough and need to take my own advice and see my doctor before I wind up in hospital again.  Chest tubes are really painful and disgusting (you don't want to know what the fluid that comes out looks like).

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i was given an inhaler for this chest cough i had, i also have pet and dust allergies and i am a smoker, i have cut down considerably since, from 14 to 4 a day, but yes if you smoke please reduce the amount and try and smoke outside as there is no ventilation inside.


the chest cough went and my breathing is good now, but when i get a cold then i might need my inhalor every now and then.



Please do go to your GP or Docter, i would.



I need to quit smoking, but it is difficult with a mental health problem.

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Happily, I never took up smoking. (There's plenty of lung cancer, emphysema and 40 a day induced cardiovascular issues in the family to put me off.)

My appointment with my GP is on the 24th (kind of a long wait) but if the breathlessness thing happens again I can get a same day appointment. Which I will do.

Mia, I hope your cough is doing better. Hospital and chest tubes does not sound good.

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I saw my GP (well, and GP at the practice I'm registered with). She thinks that this has been going on too long to be explained by the cold and, given my history of allergies, and brother who had asthma, I probably have it too. I might have done for ages, actually, because exercise in cold air always gives me a sore chest and coughing fit, something I had interpreted as "being unfit".

Anyway, I have steroid and bronchodilator inhalers to try for a month. I used the bronchodilator one earlier and I do notice a difference! (Although that may be a placebo effect).

We'll see, anyway. I'm slightly hopeful that this might help with tiredness too.

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Rinse mouth after using steroid inhaler. It is bad for your teeth.

I usually take my bronchodilators to open up, then the steroid to keep the pipes open.

You should do this morning and night, whether you notice symptoms or not.

The steroid takes a little while to build to dose.

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just to share 


I worked in a cabinet shop for 21 years and even with wearing dust masks.. I developed adult asthma.


Now I have both a rescue inhaler and a maintenance inhaler.


I fought using the rescue inhaler for quite awhile thinking that most of the time It was anxiety causing my air hunger.... well most of the time I am wrong.. I now use the resue inhaler and hyped or not I am breathing easier


It just sucks getting old

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