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Mirtazapine Smells Like Strong Chemicals

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I got my refill of my mirtazapine 45 mg the other day and my pharmacy had switched to the generic made by apotex which I had never tried before. It is in the manufacturers bottle, and when I open it it smells like really strong chemicals, kind of like paint or something. I know sometimes meds can have a unique smell but this is really potent, and of all the meds I've been on all these years, including all the other makers of mirtazapine, I've never smelled anything like this before. I also don't seem to be responding to the apotex brand, as I've woken up at least once each night which has never happened with any other makers of mirtazapine. My appetite isn't as strong either.


Should I be concerned about the toxic smell? 

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I'm pretty sure that's the normal smell of mirtazapine. Some generics may have coatings that contain the smell better, but pretty much all of my mirtazapine has always had a strong smell, and I've been on it for years.

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Mine has an odor, but it's not very strong. I only notice it if I sniff the bottle. I had a bad batch of a different med once, and I took it back to the pharmacist. She said that's how that med always smells. I said no it doesnt, that I've been taking it for years and that it never smells anywhere near this strong. And it didn't seem to be working well. The pharmacist insisted. I changed pharmacies and the smell was back to normal (mild to moderate). And the medicine started working again. So you might have a bad batch if it's not the result of a different formulation.

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