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I can't even think of where to put this so if it's the wrong place please move it and gently remind me where such a subject would go.


I'm prescribed clonazepam for anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep. Per pdoc's OK, if I'm not having to take the clonzepam during the day I can take up to 3 at night to help me sleep because I have sleep issues that are pretty severe.


Anyway I did something stupid last night. I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious and just a bunch of really bad feelings so I grabbed like 6 mg so I would for sure go to sleep. When they didn't make me feel tired or really have ANY EFFECT on me (literally no effect, I could walk a straight line, talk completely clearly, etc), So after about an hour I took 6 more. Finally after about 20 minutes I staggered to bed and finally was able to calm down enough to sleep.


It's been almost 24 hours and I still feel groggy. I doubt it's the clonazepam, it'd be out of my system correct even though I took more than I should have?


So maybe it's just the lingering depression?


I know I shouldn't have done it. I know it was stupid. I know it could've been dangerous. I just made a choice that it was better to try to get myself to sleep than stay awake and contemplate worse options like the full bottle of tylenol or going outside and just lying down in the below zero weather and letting nature take it's course.


I'm mentally feeling better just tired. And I am not smart enough to figure out if the clonazepam is out of my system yet or if taking so much more would lengthen it's half life.


Please don't lecture. This won't happen again. It obviously didn't accomplish anything except put me to sleep for 15 hours, when I had a lot I needed to get done today.

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It probably still is the klonopin. It has a notoriously long half-life of nearly 30-40 hours. You still have at least six pills in your system which is a lot.


It's the longest acting benzo and prescribed because it is the least likely one to be abused because of its long half-life.

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