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when you SI regularly, how do you keep from SI'ing while intoxicated or "messed up" (jebus, I hate that term)?


we all know alcohol -- or other drugs, whatever they may be -- may cause a person to lose their sense of intelligence, reluctance, balance, and even general awareness.


so how do you consume whatever and not self-injure?




...or do you just not?


have you stopped "using" because your SI got too terrible while doing so??




(also, if this belongs in the Substance Abuse group, please move it there.  it's just for me tonight, it's the that SI is the heavier topic.  so for me, it belongs here.)

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IMO, being intoxicated could potentially increase the possibility of SI, and I only speak from personal experience.  Things like ethanol (alcohol), cannabis, ketamine, and PCP are outright anesthetics that protect us from pain and can cause us to self-injure without our physical senses realizing that SI has happened.


I (thanking the powers that were with me) managed to stop traditional SI in 2005 at the age of 21.  I know for a fact that (my only 'drug' experience), ethanol (alcohol) numbs the SI pain.  Which can be sort of counter-intuitive, as some (including myself) who SI (or SIed in the past) actually want to feel the physical pain rather than the emotional.


My personal SI experiences actually occurred whilst not intoxicated.  I really wanted the physical pain to outbalance the emotional.  No point in "bleeding out the pain" unless one could feel it... at least that's how I felt 10 years ago.


If you have issues with SI whilst intoxicated, I strongly recommend that the 'weapons' of SI, whatever they could be, be put away during periods of said intoxication.  Alternately, you could moderate your intoxication, and I particularly suggest this route if you believe the numbness imbued by intoxication is the cause of your SI.


Not that I advocate SI in any event.  I realize what I did was pretty wrongful upon myself, and I have physically visible scars to bear it.


Best wishes to you.

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I used to have a pretty significant problem with cutting when I was drunk. I did the worst damage to myself while drinking, too, because, as LikeMinded said, the pain was lessened, and I didn't care for what pain I did feel. My choices boiled down to either quitting drinking, or quitting SI. For awhile, I quit drinking. Then, once I got my SI under better control, and felt somewhat confident in my new coping skills, I allowed myself to drink occasionally again, and found I was able to keep from cutting...mostly. I've slipped a couple times. 


It has been my experience that they couldn't coexist for me without the drinking making the cutting worse. 

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I have cut while and after drinking.  Don't want to do that again.  Cut hard and deep.  Mostly I try to distract myself or insist that I tell myself the truth of a situation, which often is NOT what I'm thinking at the time.  It's hard not to drink (or whatever makes you high) when you are at your lowest and want to self-harm.  Just know that doing that may make you feel worse than ever or seriously injure yourself.  Take care.

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@LikeMinded nah, the SI totally came first.  it just gets worse with intoxication.

and how do you hide the items during substance abuse??


@Mim  so you did have to choose between the two.  thank you for sharing,  :)


@enna thanks, luv.  I'll try to keep that in mind.

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Hi there theshadowrose, good to hear more details of what came first!


I would suggest... if you want to hide the weapons of SI, do so *prior* to tripping/getting drunk.  As in, almost make it a ritual to put away and/or lock up all knives and other SI instruments prior to going on a drug or alcohol binge.


Of course, there does exist a cohort of us that doesn't get all that psychologically affected by alcohol/drugs and would find the weapons in any event.


But IMO it's worth a try if you're trying to reduce your SI!


And on the other hand, reducing your intake of drugs and alcohol can also help.  I'm not going to sit here saying that you should be a complete teetotaler (hell, I'm not -- I drink socially very well, in fact!).  It's just important to understand that drugs/alcohol should be done in moderation (and of course legality).

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Please let us know if it helps!  And of course, remember to be intoxicated only in moderation; it seems you're more susceptible to the psych effects of intoxication (which, with even the weapons hidden, could lead to great embarrassment).


<random story>

Embarrassment as in... a friend of mine got drunk at a party and started ranting to us about how he was similar, simultaneously, to a pomegranate and an asteroid.  Don't ask how that happened, but he's one of the people who are susceptible psych-wise, methinks.

</random story>

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I intentionally chose not to drink more than a glass of alcohol because I know I struggle with self-injury.  I figure I need my inhibitions to make sure I don't give into my urge to cut.  To me, the risk isn't worth it.  I'd also imagine it would be harder to not get carried away with hurting yourself when drunk if your reasons for wanting to hurt yourself have to do with disliking yourself, low self-esteem, etc.

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Avoid intoxication. Avoid lowering your inhibitions and avoid anything that lowers impulse control.


Last time I self injured I was wasted as fuck and I required 18 stitches. I bled so much it scared the crap out of me. I hurt myself because I didn't want to bother anyone and I ended up having to bother someone to take me to ER anyways. I should have just reached out. Since I was messed up I was sloppier, riskier, cut deeper, longer, and caused more damage. 

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    • By lisa2712
      It seems the only time I'm happy or relaxed is when I'm eating junk food or drinking alcohol. Can anyone relate? Why do I need these drugs to feel happy in life? Why do I have to be numbed out by a drug to feel happy? 
      My mom (who I live with) watches how much and how often I drink and discourages me from drinking, because she's afraid I'm going to use it as a crutch or as an unhealthy coping mechanism to try to cope with my life and social anxiety. BTW my mom doesn't drink, and my dad barely drinks. 
    • By sming
      Hi folks,
      "merry holidays" (lol). So here's my current state of play. There are a lot of variables in play which is something I strive to avoid but then life (and things like not getting divorced or fired) get in the way:
      I'm tapering off of Wellbutrin XL. It's 6 days since my last 75mg XL dose (before you cry "it doesn't come in 75mg doses!" I was taking 300mg WB XL / 4. Not ideal, but such is life). I'm tapering off of Mirapex. I've been on 0.125mg since the 14th (10 days). I started L-Methylfolate at 10mg (perhaps foolishly - that's a high dose) on the 16th (8 days ago) on the basis that I might have MTHFR mutations. I am shortly getting MTHFR tests done. I started Rexulti 0.5mg 19th (5 days ago). This was reduced to 0.25mg on the 22nd (2 days ago. See below as to why).  In summary, a whole shitload of changes all happening in parallel which is exactly what I try to avoid but as I said, shit happens.
      So here's the real deal. For the last month at least I've been experiencing incapacitating anxiety. The kind that has you in the foetal position in bed, waves of anxiety radiating out from your gut/stomach to each limb. Physical weakness, shaking, incoherence, the works.
      Naughtily I'd previously ordered Valium online an less-naughtily I've got 0.5mg Ativan off of my PDoc. Neither touches the anxiety. This a.m. I tried 25mg Valium and 1mg Ativan and collectively they helped maybe 10%. I was still completely dysfunctional.
      The only thing I've found so far that helps substantially is 2+ large whiskies. Within 20 mins of taking them, I feel human, capable, anxiety-free and "alive". Not high or anything - just "human".
      Without context, that sounds terrible and the easy reply is "you are an alcoholic, go get treatment". But that's BS. Why? because:
      15 years ago I went 18 months dry and it didn't help at all. I was more depressed overall from missing out on all the social engagements. (I was like 25). In Feb I went inpatient where they declared my alcohol intake "the problem", made me abstain for 3+ months and guess what? it didn't help my depression at all I don't wake up crazying alcohol I don't want to drink alcohol I've taken many, many other med regimens where this incredible anxiety is not present e.g. SSRI's , TCA's, MAOI's. It seems something particular to either (or both Wellbutrin and Mirapex). As of tonight I'm dropping the Mirapex, even though it's a tiny dose and my PDoc wanted me to remain upon it. Tough shit.
      As of today I dropped my L-methylfolate intake from 10mg to 2.5mg since I've read that a long-term starvation of L-methylfolate (such as my postulated situation), followed by a "downpour" of l-methylfolate can make you feel even worse. So I'm toning that down.
      Finally, my questions:
      why is it that only the alcohol is relieving this incapacitating, incredible 10/10 strength anxiety? (and I have 20+ years of anxiety to know when anxiety is worth a 10/10 rating) am I exhibiting alcoholic tendencies? i.e. am I an alcoholic are my proposed actions (dropping L-methylfolate dose, stopping Mirapex, reducing  Rexulti dose) along the right tracks? any other advice? Curled up in bed throughout Christmas, in bed, with 2 young kids is killing me. Concurrently so is the prospect of requiring alcoholic rehab.
      Some subjective insight would be a golden Christmas present from you to me.
      Thank you, Pete
    • By tangela
      Just thought I would share some experience with Trintellix.  I started 2-3 months ago on 5mg.  mainly for anxiety and depression.  I also take a variety of meds to help me sleep.  Trintellix can be really nauseating when you start (for at least two weeks)  When I moved up from 5mg to 10mg - I became comatose. So, I went back to 5 and it's been great-  It' gives a little boost of energy- similar to vyvanse.  It helps me not to go home and cry everyday.  :-)  I seem to eat less- in terms of general snacking.  What I have found with this med - is even at this low dose- you metabolize alcohol more quickly.  2 drinks can = drunk.  And, if I have a drink and get a little stoned- I'm up vomiting all night.  Just putting the warning out there-  not drinking is the way to go on this med....  wondering if anyone has had similar experiences...  
    • By ThisGuy
      Hi! So I'll start with history, I guess. I have always liked drinking. It helped with anxiety. The drinking started to get really bad after the loss of two family members within several months. It got unmanageable after taking care of my dad through hospice until the day he passed. That was a couple months after the last family member I lost. The drinking continued through the next year as I had bad depression. In the middle of that year I lost two more family members. The drinking continued. Blacking out often. Hiding bottles from the wife. Taking a couple of shots at lunch until I could get home. At this time I also started having hypersexuality issues. Having a really hard time concentrating on work daydreaming about sex and the reckless encounters I had trying to fulfill the need for sex. No matter how much sex I had I was in need of more within a half hour. On my last visit to the docs to renew my Lexapro 20mg prescription, I let him know that my depression was getting worse so he gave me bupropion xl 300mg. Within a week and a half my craving for sex and drinking went away. I didn't tell the doc about my issues because I was to embarrassed.
      Can anyone explain why the bupropion helped? Does this mean anything in relation to dopamine and my issues? Does this fall under any illness category?
      Thank you in advance for your polite and insightful thoughts!
    • By bear//faced
      I kind of made this account on a whim at 3 in the morning on a thursday but i guess i just want to rant
      Ive been clean for about two years no sometimes i did little things to hurt myself but nothing  i never considered that """self harm""" i guess because i couldnt get in trouble for it// I relapsed for real last weekend and while i was doing it i liked it and it "took me back" i guess// But now i regret it so much, the florida summer is not forgiving and ive been wearing thick crewnecks every day// i forgot how much the aftermath sucked but i still want to do it again// Ive been seeking out triggering content nearly every day stuff on instagram mostly// Its not helping and im getting more depressed every day// I was supposed to hang out with my friend before he left for Europe but i canceled because i was so anxious to leave the house  also to go to his house alone// Ive been canceling plans a week in advance, that ive had planned for weeks// i left my house yesterday to go the mall and wondered around for 2 hours alone// mostly this is a rant about how shitty ive been feeling for the past week. sorry// probably never going to post again idk
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