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They've Stopped Inviting Me


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My birth Mother told me my sister has stopped inviting me to stuff because I never show up. I have shown up they are just generalizing but I am more prone to not show up. It pissed me off becgause they don't understand my MI

What would be a good response to this?

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Keep in mind that your birth mother may be just stirring up trouble between you and your sister.  I would skip over Mumsy entirely and write to your sister.  Try to be kind about it and explain that you are sorry you have been absent from some family occasions, but you were just too ill  to attend.  If you love her, tell her so.  If you don't love her, be polite and offer to see her some other time when there isn't a crowd around. 


If you want a relationship with your sister, leave the middleman out of it and talk directly to her.



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