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Wanna Chat? Join us on IRC.

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Should you not feel up to putting words together in order to form sentences and paragraphs, many of us can be found chatting in #crazymeds on the undernet irc chat network.

To help you get started, we've set up a web client. To get started, go here:

http://www.crazyboards.org/crazychat.html [repaired link. a.m.]

For more info about irc and other ways of accessing it, read this guide. It dates back to when there was no web client so at this point you don't absolutely have to any any of that stuff.

If you're having trouble with any part of chatting on irc, you can ask about it IRC sub-board.

See you there.

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Last night I took the time to download the mIRC software and get into chat. For those who are still struggling, here is a step-by-step log of what it took to get there.

First I downloaded the software from Download and install mIRC  The above web site explains how to download and install mIRC in plain English. As VelvetElvis pointed out, it is not a good idea to use your real name and email address when filling in the blocks the first time you run mIRC.

Okay...up to this point full instructions can be found at the above web site. Once you have installed mIRC and filled in the various data blocks, here is how to get to the Crazymeds chatroom:

1. Open mIRC (if it isn't already open) by clicking on its icon.

2. Select 'Connect to Server'.

3. Select 'File' from the menu bar.

4. Click on 'Select Server'.

5. Look for the box that is labeled 'IRC Server' and click on the down arrow.

6. Scroll down and select 'Undernet: Random US Server.' [For those who are overseas, it would be best to choose an undernet server in your part of the world, but you MUST select an undernet server.]

7. Click on 'Connect to Server.'

8. In the box that says 'Enter a channel name and click join:' type #crazymeds

9. Click 'Join' to the right of the box you just typed #crazymeds into.

10. With any luck at all you should be in the chatroom.

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