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Think my Brintellix has already crapped out on me.

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I have been on Brintellix since October. Started helping with my depression but not my anxiety. Went to 20mg in this Jan and very shortly was completely off my benzo's  Was loving life, enjoying things... Then friday BOOM panic attack friday night, followed by they anxiety and depression came storming in to settle down.. :(  SO anyone have this issue with this med? after a few months FINALLY starts working only to have it crap out on you a couple months later?   ANy suggesions on what to do next. I have an appt with my pdoc in 2 days.  
I do have SEVERE med anxiety. I had this script for 3 months before I finally tried it. I have had HORRID experenses with meds in the past... I have been great for 10+ years til the panic attacks out of no where, followed by the anxiety and HORRID depression started this past June. I tried wellbutrin in Aug and aside from the WONDERFUL sexual improvements(lol) It was absolutly HORRID. I had no choice but to quit it cold turkey after 4 weeks. I had 2 days of bad withdrawls and that was it.

10+ yrs ago I had been prozac, wellbutrin, zoloft, effexor, ambian, trazadone, lunesta, depakote, lithium.. alll of which I had horrid horrid side effects, you name it I had it... :(  SO I am now the main care taker and homeschooling my 2 young children, so while I feel I need SOMETHING, Im scared to DEATH to try something else. All my close friends live out of state, and my family Im actually close to live over an hour away. So no one real close by to help out or check in on me during start up or weaning off. (<-- other main sorce of my med anxiety)  and finally. I have been with my husband for nearly 13 years so he has been witness to all this. So I guess you could say he has New med anxiety as well..

sorry for the long ramble.. Any suggestions, advice, tips, would be wonderful!

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I'm so sorry for what you're going through. Hope your Dr had some helpful info for you. My main issue is depression and I don't know how I could help you except by listening. I've been on Brintellix for approximately 4 weeks, but only 5 mg because I'm very sensitive. I'm also weaning off Prozac and tomorrow I stop it and start increasing the Brintellix. I've had more motivation lately and have been leaving the house more. Hope it continues and hope you're doing better. Did your Dr have any good info for you? Good Luck and please let me know how everything is going.

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