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So normally I take 300mg amisulpride every day and it works wonders for the paranoia, depersonalisation and depression, without getting too much in the way of everyday life. I've never really held down a job but that could well be because up until about 4 months ago I was smoking loads of weed pretty much every day.

  Four weeks ago I finished my temporary job, and in the interim before whatever new job (which, er, hasn't appeared) I reduced my medication to 200mgs, which lasted two weeks. I got very depressed and out of it and a couple of Fridays ago got back onto the prescribed 300mg. Normally, whenever I run these kind of experiments, getting back on the full dose sorts me out in a matter of days; however this time I've stayed depressed for some reason. I'm in bed for at least 12 hours in any 24hr period, I've turned down jobs and I'm generally despairing of myself and my ability to ever sort myself out. It comes and goes, but in general I'm a miserable bastard.

  There are other factors: I took some powerful E tabs 3 weeks ago (I'm not perfect..) and got a dodgy comedown, something that again usually only takes a few days to get over; and I relapsed on the weed front over the weekend, but feel strong enough to go on without it now.

  I don't know; I think the main issue here is motivation. I'm starting to wonder if amisulpride hasn't removed it over the years. I mean, there have been periods off the weed before, and the work situation has never improved. Anyone else got experience on amisulpride? Is there anything I could take that would increase motivation, lift depression and hey, why not get something to lose weight too?

  Hmmm, I'm alright really. Ignore this if you want - there are definitely more fucked people on these boards. Just at 27 and still living with parents with no job and no qualifications I'm starting feel the ill-winds of despair..

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First off, we are not going to ignore you...no matter what size of problems people have, we are here to support each other during times of struggle.  Most people are not judgemental of drug use on the boards, so feel free to be open.....I like the herb a little to much myself.  ;)    

If E tabs are the same thing as Ectasy, MDMA, in the US then I'd say YES for sure that can cause depression!!!!!!  It's so much fun at the time, but depletes your serotonin AND dopamine neurotransmitters like none other.  So that could be causing you some discomfort. 

What do you enjoy doing?  Talents, gifts, etc?  Sometimes I think we get stuck in doing jobs just for survival, to pay bills, and not really spend our time on this planet doing what we enjoy.  And sometimes discovering what your passion/calling is takes time. 

Keep on posting.....

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