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I just started saphris yesterday night. it says it will lose effectiveness if you don't follow the instructions word FOR word. Can anyone comment on this?

Some of it disolved on my finger. Some disolved on top of my tounge. Some of it I swallowed. OMFG why couldn't they make it a tablet!

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Some nights I didn't follow word for word. Like I'd swallow by accident or I'd drink water after if I was thirsty. I didn't go batshit the next day, I think as long as you do it right most days it should be fine. At least for me. 

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Make sure your hands are dry to stop it from coming off on your finger.  I like to have a big drink beforehand to make sure my mouth is moist and so it will dissolve faster.  I don't drink afterwards, I try to follow the instructions.  Sometime it doesn't all dissolve and I end up swallowing a little bit, but I usually give it time or try to get some saliva in there.

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Regarding the sublingual formulation, there are no plans to produce an oral tablet formulation of Saphris. As you are aware, this is due to the poor bioavailability of the medicine when taken orally; an increase in dose would not counteract this effect.


When taking the sublingual wafer, it should be placed under the tongue. The wafer dissolves within seconds. There is no requirement to spit out or refrain from swallowing for the 10 minutes following administration, as the wafer only takes a few seconds to dissolve and be absorbed. Unlike the consumption of food and beverages, natural saliva production won’t interfere with the amount of medicine that is absorbed during those first ten minutes.


Quoting the middle section of an email between a doctor at Lundbeck and I.


The first paragraph is referring to the fact that first pass metabolism is very high on Saphris and only a tiny amount is actually absorbed if you were to take it as a tablet, bypassing first pass metabolism by the liver with sublingual wafers avoids this problem. High dose tablets are not an option in this case for many reasons (although attaching an amino acid which is then cleaved on first pass metabolism in the same way as Vyvanse is probably an option they will explore to prolong their patent, let's not go into evergreening).


The second part refers to the absorption of Saphris, I believe it answers most inquiries on that topic.

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