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Any weight gain on Brintellix?

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I have gained weight while on it. When I started I was 127 that was in October. I am now 142.
For me it may or may not be the med though. I was 143 In may of last year. and had been that weight for around a year. Over the summer my depression and anxiety caused me to loose all the weight so I could just be that since the brintillix was helping me I just gained back the weight I lost.  Kindof a bummer though. I was enjoy the new weight loss.

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I started taking Brintellix 9 months ago and for the first time in my life weight gain has become an issue. Good to hear I'm not the only one with a weight gain issue.  My weight went from 105 to 125 and climbing in 9 months. I think it must be relates to the Brintellix. I have always exercised and my work is physically demanding. It worked great on my depression but my job requires my to look healthy and fit. Hope the weight gain stops or I could lose my job. Then I will really be depressed and I won't be able to afford Brintellix. Lol   I had used Effexor for 5 years but it kept me in a fog. Wellbutrin only worked for about a year. 9 months ago I started mindfulness training and Brintellix and the thought of dying are gone but I'm getting fat. Weight gain isn't listed as a side effect

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