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B12 and sleep

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GP recommended B12 supplements as my level is way at the end of normal. It seems to affect my sleep. It's frustrating because I am concerned about a deficiency but need sleep. Damn catch 22!. I researched it and it can interfere with your circadian rhythms according to a couple medical studies (with limited participant number).


Anyone have this issue?


edited to say,: in addition to all the other damn things that cause sleep disturbance, do you find this makes it even worse?

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FWIW, I get B12 shots because I can't absorb the vitamin, and looking back to when it was first discovered I can't really remember my sleeping. 


I just wanted to say can you ask for B12 shots, because a B12 deficiency can cause nerve damage ... I had nerve damage but because I was given the shots it reversed and it wasn't permanent.  So I'd ask about shots, whether it has anything to do with your sleep or not.

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I don't have any experience with B12 supplements causing insomnia, but I had a severe B12 deficiency back in the day. My insomnia got way, way worse when I was deficient, in addition to a host of other problems. And then got a lot better once I started taking supplements. So in a way it's just the reverse. 


My .02 is that you really, really don't want to get a B12 deficiency. I suspect my psychiatric problems would not be as bad if I hadn't been B12 deficient for as long as I was. 

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