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So, I went to see my pdocs on Monday. I said to the resident pdoc that I think my dx is wrong. She asked me what I thought it was, and I said paranoid schizophrenia. She told me that sometimes they tell people that they have schizoaffective disorder because it has a better prognosis. She told me that paranoid sz involves a month or more of psychosis. I sighted an example from the past, and she checked her notes. Then she told me that she thinks I'm right.

I honestly don't know what I was right about. That I have paranoid schizophrenia? 

I'm really confused because the supervising pdoc said that her gut feeling, forgetting academics, is that I'm schizoaffective. Lol, can't trust her because she just wants to keep me in her BP clinic.

Just was confused about these series of events and wondering if anyone can relate?

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I've been told the opposite, or rather, that it is totally dependent on the individual. I was told, being schizoaffective, that I have a poor prognosis, and a worse one than many of the schizophrenic patients my psychiatrist treats.


(Mind you, she was just probably just making a point about distinguishing the two as seperate disorders, not trying to put me down or discourage me).

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Oh dear lord I don't like residents.




Prognosis is really individual, and I agree with sylvan that labels are only useful for insurance and to make sure you're getting the right treatment.


Technically if you have mood episodes while you're psychotic and psychotic symptoms outside of a mood episode, you're schizoaffective. That one month thing doesn't rule out schizoaffective disorder.


I'm sure there are other finer points that I don't understand, but I wouldn't worry about the label so much.

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hey pud,


not about my diagnosis, but i can relate to getting some mixed messages from my care team at times and it doesn't go over well with me. i would ask for clarification and further explanation of why she, yes, sounds like she's telling you she agrees with what you think (paranoid schizophrenia), but you're listed as schizoaffective.


i realise it might not be important to others, but since i have so many suspicions and difficulties being on board with the medical model of mental illness, i would absolutely not be ok with being in some limbo about shit. my diagnosis hasn't changed over the past two decades, but if it did, that would just fuel my concerns and quite likely make me even less medication compliant, so i can see why it could be a big deal to get some straightforward answers and not some diagnostic brush off.


hope you're doing well otherwise xx

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