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Temperature regulation om Seroquel

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I know that one of the side effects of Seroquel is problems with temperature regulation. Does this mean a raised body temperature?? My temperature is always between 37.5 C / 99.5 F and 38 C / 100.4 F

Am just wondering if anybody else on Seroquel has this effect. Maybe it's just me or does this affect anybody else

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I have it on Latuda. I haven't noticed that my body temperature is higher than normal, I just notice it other times. I am very easy to overheat in the spring/summer and in the winter it takes me forever to get warm again after getting cold. I wore layers all winter because once I got cold, it would take me hours to warm back up again. Last spring I was mowing the yard (I use a pushmower) and it was only about 70f outside, but I literally had sweat pouring off of me. We have a relatively small yard and it took me forever to mow it because I had to keep taking breaks and drinking ice water.

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My body temperature at it's core hasn't changed. I am usually 1 or 2 degrees below the average and that has stayed the same on Seroquel.

However my heat regulation is very bad now. I overheat easily and have to be careful. I can only be in the sun for so long before I start getting nauseous and tired. And after finally going inside my skin still feels hot for hours, even if I didn't burn.

It's the same with exercise. When I work out I really have to pace myself and drink a TON of water to stay cool and not sweat like crazy.

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I have trouble cooling down and get hot very easily. Sometimes sweat is dripping off me after a leisurely walk. I find I cannot tolerate heat as much as I used to and prefer to feel a bit cool rather than too hot.


I also started getting a heat rash when out in the sun but I don't know if that is related to the Seroquel or perhaps the lamictal....or just me!

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