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I can relate.  I just went through a long period of this, with zero motivation to do anything.  I was in my apartment except for DR appts (which my mom drove me to so I had to go), running out to get the mail, and doing laundry.  And the last 2 things are right down the hall from me, so I didn't leave the building to do them.


About going through life, it is just something that comes with depression.  It is bound to happen at times.  It really sucks, but you are not lazy.  That is the depression speaking.


I think therapy would help.  My pdoc does the therapy for me, and little by little we got through it.  Idk if that alone was what helped, but he changed some meds around which I think contributed to it also.


Hang in there!

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Melancholia is always significant in depression, what you call "laziness" would be better described as lack of motivation and that is ok because you are struggling, it's nothing to feel guilty about.


Is this having an impact on your life, for example , not going to work or school?

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i also struggle to get the basics done. I marvel at people who can work full time, excercise, cook and wash their dishes--all in the same day. Good for them.


I don't have much insight about how to stop the negative cycle of thinking, just wanted to say that I relate. I don't think laziness is the right word for it, though. I think some of us just have to walk uphill a little farther than others to get anywhere. It's an issue of temperament. 


Hopefully for those of us who are struggling, when we hit the right cocktail, the tasks will seem a little easier. And we'll have more of a sense of humor about them. I know I don't right now.

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