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Can UTI trigger panic attacks and worsening Anxiety?

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So I have been panic attack free since Jan til this past friday. When I had one out of the blue, and the anxiety and depression has been hanging around ever since.
Today I woke up with a RAGING uti, (sorry for the TMI) blood in my urine, pain, burning. all of it. Its obviously been brewing for awhile. Well a friend of mine has worked with the elderly in the past and said that when ever they started acting crazy, angry, and what not they tested them for UTI and most of the time that was the issue. Same was true with my grandmother. She had alzhimers but when she got a UTI she became violently angry. So got me thinking, Could that possibly be what triggered my anxiety/panic relaspe? Im only 28 and I've had recurrent UTI's in the past but not while dealing with my current MI.
Has anyone else had this happen to them before?    Thankfully im on antibiotics now, so hoping, and praying (fingers crossed) my mind heals some along with my bladder.

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In my experience, any kind of infection makes my anxiety/panic out of control. I've had it with UTIs and a kidney infection. So your situation makes sense to me. I'm glad you're on antibiotics, and hope it clears up soon.

Glad to know its possibly a reaction to the infection! My anxiety has lessened since I've started my antibiotics.

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Yea UTI's can cause alot of emotional issues. I cry and get whiney and 'scared'--which is actually my anxiety...and my anxiety gets out of control when I get an infection, or cold or something--UTI's especially.


My dad would get them when he was in the hospital catheterized, and he would be bonkers--like out of his head--because of the infection. So we told the nurses that if his temp raises even a degree, keep a close eye on him because he would be freaking out shortly.


Hope you feel better soon :)

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I know I am responding to a very old post but found it during a Google search while desperately looking for answers and reassurance.


background: I’m 52 and menopausal. Taken SSRIs for decades for anxiety and depression.

I was diagnosed with a UTI two days ago and oddly, my first symptoms were nervousness and nausea and then a full blown panic attack. I have been dealing with anxiety and panic lost of my adult life and like to think that I’m “cured” and so to have a seemingly-random panic attack just frightens me and sets me back in every way.

I have had to take my “emergency” Xanax (I pride myself on only taking this in true emergencies maybe 4x a year) every morning since my UTI started. I’m also nervous and anxious about taking most all meds-so even my prescribed antibiotic is making me worried. 

I’m dreading heading into my normally happy and fun workplace today and so have to take another Xanax. 

Praying that I’ll feel better after I get through 10! more doses of the antibiotic.



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