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Question for those with visual hallucinations

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It's never there long enough for me to pull out a camera, but now that you've thought of it, I will certainly try!


I read something about this the other day - those who lack insight or are in the middle of an episode may rationalize away why they cannot see it in the camera, such as claiming the hallucination to be invisible to recording devices and such.

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Well, I continually see things that aren't there (I see "pixels") and so whenever I see pictures, the things I see are never there. But the next time I see a visual hallucination, I will try to take a picture of it and see if it shows up in the camera. Rationally, I know it won't, but a part of me still believes it will.

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I've never taken a picture of it, but someone else who has a similar diagnosis to mine said hers did not end up in the picture.

But what I do see all the time, is never present in any photo. I just always assumed it couldn't catch the things I see. Pixel-ish atoms and electrons vibrating on the first layer of the universe.

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