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Adding Buspar to Brintellix. Anyone take this combo?

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Was finally doing well on Brintellix for about 2mths then had random panic attack out of no where. Anxiety/depression never left afterwards. Doctor is considering that I have bipolar but is not yet ready to give that DX and wants to treat the recent anxiety relapse as just that Anxiety. So she has recommended Buspar.
Anyone take this combo?   Also looking for just side effects of Buspar. I have read that it can cause rage... That scares me. Almost to the point of not wanting to try it since I am home for nearly 50 hours a week with my 2 little ones ages 2-4. If I did anything to hurt them..... then well. Yea. That would be my undoing. Nearest family member is over an hour away, and while I have one trusted friend that is 15 mins away, she does work alternating days thats over an hour away as well.
Support, suggestions, advice?
I do also have .25 Xanax rx and 5mg Valium rx   Xanax makes me so sluggish I have a hard time sometimes with the kids even with the low dose, and really dont trust driving with the kids with me.  Valium is hit and miss. :blink:  works perfect, when it works

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