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Hi I'm Colin, I've had long term battles with both depression, anxiety and insomnia. I think the insomnia is caused by the depression and anxiety. I get into patterns where Anxiety (mostly at work but some personal) interrupts my already bad sleep leads to lack of energy then depression and back to anxiety. Around and round in a downward spiral.


In the past I've taken more antidepressants than I  can remember (Zoloft sort of worked initially; Remerron was 20 pound weight gain in a month! Zopliclone (Imovane) is about the only sleeping  pill that has much effect). In 2010, I lost my mother who I lived in-home with my (I was her primary caregiver along with working and going to university); went down really hard after that happened. Sleep collapsed, the anxities ran wild. But I managed to keep working; and basically took no vacations.


So, my doctor referred me to a psychiatrist. After a few attempts we went down the Seroquel route (300 or 600 mgs) towards the end. And Clonazepam  (morning and evening doses) to try to bring the anxiety under control. Through it all I reported back that my sleep stayed the same - a little better a little  worse (only horrid with one pill combo they tried). Mid-2013, we jointly decided to taper back everything and see where it would lead (as it was my specialist had been named head of the clinic and had to temporarily send patients  back to the home doctors for future referral).


There were some good experiences; he enrolled me into a mindfulness clinic for stress release. I used some of the techniques  today still (want to followup with the leader of the group). And there was a nice social anxiety group but it was a 10 week trial program they were doing.


When I got to the very end of the pills, something happened. After many many tests no one really knows what it was. I think it was almost a temporary breakdown but the doctors suspect a silent migraine (middle of the day at work and I spaced out really badly - never lost consciousness or anything like that). It led to mri's, eeg's, tests for stroke, heart tests, sleep-deprived eegs (one thing I learnt here is try to see the "best" expert you can get; the neurologist wanted to put on pills, the best epilepsy/EEG guy looked at and said "we'll do the sleep-deprived test. I'm interested in your results but you're original doctor was probably right about the migraine).


When I had begun getting off Seroquel and Clonazepam, I hadn't noticed a gradual reduction in sleep. By the time December rolled around I was out of bed at 4AM and going to work (four hours early). Welll I'm currently off pills save for the occassional zopliclones and my sleep is still crap a year later (insomnias been with me since I was 15, I'm not 46). Finally have had enough of it (I spent months on sleep hygiene and such and it improved but not enough to fix the energy issues).


So back to my doctor today and she is giving my a prescription for this new trintellix pill (she had mentioned it in December). Gotta wait a couple days for it too arrive. Starting with the low dose - I don't want to do the Seroquel dose creep again.


Really not sure if I'm doing the right thing - also doing cbt with a psychologist and that's a huge and long process. Somewhere in here there's an answer!


Sorry for the long introduction but I think I wanted to get this off my chest :) Thanks for listening

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