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idk what the hell's wrong with me since i'm told i'm "just a teenager" or a liar looking for attention sooo yea

there's a variety of things going on in here. one of them is self-harm without suicidal intent that began for no apparent reason. another is memory problems. mood swings, some hallucinations here and there...the works.


so i write poetry and i like to wear skirts and look at pretty pink things. i really like japan. some days i'll have this terrible compulsion to just wear cosplay and become GUMI and dance and sing cute songs. sometimes i'll have horrible episodes of depersonalization. what's up with you

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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!


I noticed in your sig that you're not allowed to see a professional.  Is this b/c of your parents?


This is a very supportive and informed community and I think you'll enjoy being a part of it.


Please contact a member of the staff if you have any questions or concerns.

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Hello c:

yes, that is because of my parents. i've asked them once before about therapy after years of having issues and it went a lot like this: "So you just ALL OF A SUDDEN need therapy? Why?" This was also after I'd fallen victim to a pedophile and they're the ones that called the police. their idea of therapy is making me sit on the couch, not letting me go in my room or use the computer, and socializing more. it's funny to me because i can't do those things without therapy and i can't seek any kind of help without the internet. i'm actually not even supposed to be here right now

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