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To my post  "I Need a Sounding Board PLease".

CPS has told us both to go back to designated visitation. So this Fri my daughters father asked if he could pick her up (in the village) 45 minutes early. I agreed and cancelled her ride home ( I don't have a car).

What ensued after that was a mix of him denying he was definitely picking her up, and my daughter saying he was yelling at her on the phone dropping the F-bomb (which he denies but is a seasoned liar). Total fiasco. I take responsibility for allowing him to change the plan by 45 min. Now my daughter is refusing to see him (shes 13) and due to the cps case I'm not sure what to do.


I feel so sad for there fractured relationship. She is acutely aware of his alcoholism.

Should I just let things cool off? Or should I try for some mandatory counseling?

I just want whats best for my daughter :(


On a side note: he and I are still legally married but his gf doesn't know, and they have a child. I so badly want to tell her just for spite, but I know how wrong this would be, wouldn't it?


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