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Anyone have any tips on how to battle Truncal Obesity?  I really want to get on some kind of diet and exercise, but my excercise HAS to be low impact, I am a very weak girl and have a neuromuscular disease which makes my joints and stuff hurt leik whoah.

I find it very annoying (as does my mother) that I cannot find clothes that fit me RIGHT.  I am a tiny girl but I just have this big beer belly.  I cannot stand it!  Effexor has not helped that at all.

I have heard about this Hoodia, would that work for this?  I am a very lazy person due to my physical restraints. >_<  I try to eat well but I do cheat every now and then and I drink loads of pop. >>  bad Jenna, bad.

Whoah that's the first time I said my real name on these boards. XD

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I see nobody answered you all these months, so I'll give it a shot hoping you are still around, tho it's late and I don't have much time.

Suggest you google "metabolic syndrome".    It's a common and NOT at all healthy way of distributing excess avoir du poids. Has a real bad effect on the heart.

Best results as I recall (needs research) has to do with managing diet.  What you eat is at least as important for this  as total calories - especially trying to get a handle on your insulin metabolism.  An anti-hypoglycemic diet can be a great thing to l adopt.  It's hard at first but it can be a life-saver. 

Two other possibilities that come to mind are Cushings Syndrome (adrenal function) and whether you are taking any form of Cortisone for your joints. Either one will do it, for sure!    Both require endocrinological dx and support.  Surely if you were being prescribed prednisone, your doc would have alerted you and you'd know by now - and chosen the trade off knowingly. I hope. 

And hoping you let us know!    None of these conditions are a walk in the park - to say the least (speaking as somebody who can't take walks in the park anymore myself on account of my own cruddy joints  ;) ).


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And two other quick points.

Have you heard of polycystic ovarian syndrome? Can also cause truncal obesity - among much else. Another thing for the endocrinologist to sort out. 

And you are SO right.  Nix that soda.  It's the easiest way to add empty calories (luckily also the easiest to do without, after a withdrawal. Don't  substitute fruit juice, though,  as that's just as sugary!  (See hypoglycemia bit). 

Also it can worsen bone thinning due to the acids, I think. Or is it the phosphates? Late! 

All bad news for you. 

Check back in about it, please.

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