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Back to work, buyer rejected on dad's house

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Finally, FINALLY, after batteling to go back to work I got a note in my email from the CEO and a call from my direct boss telling me I"m set to go back to work on Monday. I can't believe it is finally happening! I'm so happy.

My boyfriend thinks I can't do it because of stress- is he talking about his own stress over me?! Just an armchair tdoc!

And unfortuantely, the buyer who was set to buy my dad's house (I'm dealing with his estate) got turned down. I kinda only expect bad-credit applicants because the house is in terrible condition in a terrible area, and probably unless they're investors, people with good credit would want to live in nicer areas.

So a bit of great news and a bit of disappointment.

I'm optimistic about work, even with my boyfriend's pessimism, and can't give up on the house, even though it is going to the sherrif's sale.

Any ideas on how to keep stable in this crazy situation? Last night I rated my mood as moderately depressed- I'm torn between fighting the moods and allowing them. They are natural moods but I'm afraid they couldf trigger a real episode.

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Heya Loon,

You can keep it together.  You know yourself well enough. 

Don't let the moods go too far on their own, you sound like you have some good things and complicated things going and you need your considerable wits about you.

For me, I watch the mood dots, and if they go up/down one or two days, that's okay, but if it's a trend, I get concerned.

Congratulations on the work!!  Focus on the good things here.

And soon enough the house won't be hanging on your neck anymore and you can move on.


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