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The Introduction- At Long Last

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Hello. This is the Loon  ;)

I never introduced myself properly. I guess in my mind everyone already knows me.

I come from a robust line of crazy people. Both my parents BP1, my sister BP1, brother ADHD, a few random suicides, my dad suicided in '04. I don't know if this is worse of if they all had heart issues or soemthing. I guess every family has its issues. Ours happen to be mental.

And no, my mom and dad were not brother and sister. My mom doesn't really have crazy people on her side. I don't know where she gets it from.

My grandfather on mom's side is a Holocaust survivor. He's pretty cool. My grandmother on dad's side wouldn't go to bed without doing the dishes, never mind what the rest of the house looked like, because if she died she'd want the neighbors to think well of her. She was CRAZY NOS and one of the best people on earth!

Much luv,


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