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Anyone take two different benzos?

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Gahhh, maybe I might inquire about Klonopin at my next pdoc appointment.  I can't stand how my Xanax wears off so quick!  4 hours later and I'm back to where I started.... ;) Don't get me wrong, it's GREAT for panick attacks, but I figured since I'm already on that, I can't ask for Klon too....wouldn't that be like too many benzos? I rarely use Xanax, but I do think I could benefit from daily benzo therapy as I struggle with horrible anxiety, but at the same time, don't think I want to give up Xanax for my panick attacks.....anyone here on two benzos at the same time?????

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Special K



didn't seem to be

a problem.

But then,


one of

your more

Wound-up Dudes.

I worry


my anxieties.



me too on the Special K

restoril at night

wound-up=energy, too?


anxiety prone but under control for now

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The Xanax didn't work for me at all, whatsoever. So my pdoc just prescribed Clonazepam (generic Klonopin) for me instead, and it works like a charm! So maybe they can give you a low does of the klonpin, and you can take that for regular anxiety, and the xanax for serious panic attacks? I dont know?

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good idea to talk with your doc, as yes, there are many possible combos. i was initially prescribed klonopin for all day/night and xanax prn, didn't like how i felt on the k, went to xanax full-time but it wore off way too quickly especially at night, added the k back in at night which was a little better, later switched to k full-time but that too wore off at night so i stayed on k by day and took valium at night. realizing i could avoid side effects, i switched to valium full-time, which has been best of all, and i'm tapering very successfully (yay.) though last night was hubby's company xmas party so i took a tiny bit of xanax so once again a second benzo had its use. all these changes were made with my doc's blessing and Rx pad.

and all this is to say (not nearly as elegantly as dear Stasis) that yes, different combos may work for different people at different times.

good luck and aloha.

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Thanks for the support everyone, I really appreciate it.  I think Klonopin, in the long run, may be better for me. :) ......now I just have to get over the anxiety of asking pdoc for a different med ;) I HATE PHONES AND I HATE ASKING FOR THINGS!!!!!!

love you guys/gals......


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Saw the pdoc today and she said she would not rx me klonopin.  I already got a rx from my GP for 1mg tabs.  I started with .5 at night and thats the best sleep ever.  Then I was taking .25mg in the morning and .25mg mid afternoon.  I liked it but I decided to just up the k to .5mg in the am and then wait to take the next dose at night and I feel fine. 

What sort of dosages are you guys taking?

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STILL haven't asked for the Klon.....  Anyone else have such sever anxiety they can't even ask their own docs for what they think they need?? ;)

I'm such a reject.  I feel like I can only ask for one thing at a time, and since we've discovered I'm bipolar, I kinda felt like a mood stabilizer was maybe more urgent since I've been on a hypomanic screw up cycle......


Ug.  Should I wait for the Lamictal to kick in before I ask for Klon?  Gahh, I feel so needy and hate hate hate asking for meds....  :P

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Don't feel bad; i'm in the same situation as you.  I've been taking Loraz for years (off and on; no addiction probs) and went thru a particularly bad patch this summer so started going to pdoc in November.  He recommended the Klonipin which seems to work well in that it makes me so sleepy that I just sleep thru my anxiety.  That said, if I feel I'm ramping up to a panic attack, I take the Loraz cuz I know it will work right away.  When I first went to this pdoc  he prescribed me the Klonopin and told me to take it on a regular basis (0.5 to start with, then .25 two more times during the day).  I felt like I was high the whole time.  When I told him that I was still taking the lorazapam first thing in the morning (when my anxiety was at its worst), he gave me the melt away Klonipin tabs to take, which did take care of the immediate anxiety, but made me super tired...that just might be me, cuz anything that might make one tired (antihistamines, etc.) WILL make me tired.  Well, I think I'm just babbling now and this isn't helping you any...sorry!  The pdoc did give me a tip that by chewing the klonipin it acts faster, just like the melt aways.  So this might be the answer to your problem; chew your klonipin (yucky; I know) and maybe you'll be able to bypass taking the other benzo.  Personally, I wouldn't worry about taking both because I had been doing it for a couple of months and didn't have any adverse effects (i.e., loraz in the morning and klonopin 4 hrs. later).  I might be going out on a limb here, but I've been taking loraz (off and on) for over 15 years and do not consider myself addicted to it, as I use it only when my anxiety is bad bad bad.  However, the anxiety does tend to sneak up on me and I think that's why the pdoc is trying to give me a steady state thru prescibing the klonopin throughout the day.  Unfortunately, I don't think this will work for me because of the sleepiness issue. 

As for not being able to talk to your pdoc about your quandry, I sympathize.  I too, am a ('scuse the venacular) pussy when it comes to this type of stuff.  Last time I saw him I didn't want to say anything  about the klonipin putting me to sleep, because I was afraid he'd take all my safety nets from me.  So I thought out what I wanted to say, wrote it down, and read it to him.  (I explained why I was reading it to him.)  He saw it was a well reasoned argument and instead of taking away my safety net, said that we would 'play" with the Klonopin a little bit and see if it worked better.  Unfortunately, it really hasn't (still too sleepy to do stuff) but I think by my setting forth a reasonable scenario instead of crying like a banshee (as I usually do), at least I have a willing partner to "play" with my meds instead of just writing me off as a clueless partipant in my pharmacological care.

Then if that doesn't work, fire his ass!!

Good luck; don't be scared.  Gear yourself up and go in there!

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Dear Black Cat,

I don't cry on Klon. but that's probabably cuz I'm too tired from it to cry  ;) I do know that it causes depression in some people (ain't that great????)  Do you think maybe it's making you depressed?  If so, you might want to tell your dr. about it.  Maybe he/she could prescribe either a different benzo or something to counteract it.

Good luck with it...

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