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Does anyone on the forum have BIID?

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I didn't know what this was until I watched a program about it on tv.  Is it a form of OCD or something to do with your identity? 


Sorry I can't be of any help about this. 


Hopefully someone with the disorder will come along soon.


Hang in there!  This is a great place to talk, listen and learn.

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I too have suffered my whole life with biid.

It wasnt until the 90's  and I saw that others felt the same as me.

I thought I was alone in my crazy sexual attractionof amps!

i really want my left arm amputated just below my elbow.

I found doctors in the philipinnes but I cant explain a trip there to my unknowing wife.

I need a legitimate accident alibi.

unfortunately there are no doctors willing to perform this type of operation.

I figure 2 people w Biid need to help each other out with a large homemade guillotine.

name the place in the usa and Im ready to meet.

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Some Psychologists and Neurologists believe BIID to have a Neurological component; that it occurs when the brain hasn't "mapped" the body correctly. Whether BIID is a Neurological defect or mis mapping due to Mental illness you should not feel shame for experiencing the symptoms or to seek help.

There are Therapists, Psychologists, and Neurologists who who specialize in BIID to find possible causes and solutions for your symptoms. Even if a Therapist, Doctor, or Neurologist has helped you (or lack there of) in the past, please please stay safe and away from the guillotine. The infection, physical side affects, and trauma of a botched surgical job is not the answer.

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Hi there, 

I do realize that the OP here originally posted this well over a year ago and that it is unlikely he or she will ever read my reply. But I figured maybe there's another person out there seeking the same information and answers. First of all BIID is not a form of OCD. There are many differing theories to what causes it. 

"So what is causing this disorder? Theories have flourished creating debate within the medical field. Some theories argue that this disorder is developed during childhood and present under difficult and traumatic child experiences. Various theories have been formulated as children seeing an amputee as having the ideal body image or as a subconscious way to believe that becoming disabled might earn them more attention and love by closed ones. BIID is not restricted to only amputated limbs, it also extends to becoming deaf, blind, paralyzed and other disabilities.

Mainly the sufferer of this disorder feels that one of their limbs is almost alien and believe they won’t feel whole until they are rid of it.

One thing that is widely recognized is that this is a mental condition (psychiatric disorder), a biological theory has been formulated, stating that BIID is a neuro-psychological condition on the right side of the brain and could be related to somatoparaphrenia, unlike Erectile Dysfunction to name an example of a physical condition that was for many years considered a mental disorder. BIID requires vestibular caloric stimulation (squirting cold water in the patent’s ear). In any case, this puzzling condition remains for the most part a mystery to medical science, and a lot more research is required to discern its true causes and how the disorder is triggered."

-Credited to http://www.biid.org

Secondly, there are many different forms of BIID. While feeling as if you would be happier an amputee is the most commonly known form, there are also those who feel that they should be blind, paralyzed, or disabled in some other way. 

Thirdly, it's of course always important to differentiate this disorder from a fetish or from a factitious disorder such as munchausen's syndrome. With the first differentiation it's important to note that this is not about wanting to be disabled somehow only during sexual activity or wanting a disabled person for a sexual or romantic partner but that the person truly always wants to be disabled at any given time of day. With the munchausen's syndrome differentiation you need to be sure that the person does not only wish to be disabled only for the attention, sympathy, and care from others.

Finally, I am sure that there are many more people out there that feel this way than there are who will admit having these feelings. If you ever get a chance to do some reading, I'd highly encourage you to look up Chloe Jennings-White. She is a woman who uses a wheelchair almost 24/7 despite being physically able to walk. She feels that she would be much happier if she were paralyzed waist down. She has BIID. No one with this disorder is anywhere near being alone with it. While it may not be easy to admit your feelings and it may take time to find an understanding therapist, I do feel that anyone can benefit from having someone to talk to so that they can better cope with their feelings.


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I have BIID. It is not a form of OCD. I have suffered from  since I was about eight years old. I have always felt like and want to have polio paralysis, disrupting motor neurons that control muscles in my leg. I want to need leg braces to walk.

New research is leaning more to BIID being a neuro-psychological condition stemming from problem in the right side of the brain.

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