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Craving Water, you guys know what I'm talking abou


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I'm posting this here because I know that other eating disorderlies will know what I am talking about.

Anyone here every get cravings for water? I'm not talking about being thirsty and wanting to stick a hose in your mouth, I'm talking about CRAVING water in the way I crave donuts. It's just like my craving for donuts in that I feel as if I don't drink it immediatly I may somehow perish.

I dunno, its so wierd.

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I know that if you are experienced with your disorder, then you know this is a sign of extreme dehydration.  Get yourself some water and for god sakes gatorade....look I know it's 90 cals per serving (i'm a fellow recovering ED sufferer: anorexia)...but it's better than the alternative right??  I'm guessing you haven't been in patient before??  Just remember, there they serve you 1000 cal + nutrition drinks if you don't eat, so I'd go start with some toast for breakfast and a half sandwich for lunch and normal dinner before I gave in.  Best wishes from a fellow crazy.  Don't forget, you are worth it and you deserve food....feel free to IM/PM me, I know all about this subject..... ;)

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