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Hi folks,


I've just started Primidone for tremors (due to anxiety). My neurologist prescribed 50 mg up to 3 times daily.


I took a pill last night. I slept hard, felt a little drunk this morning, but the tremors quiesced.


Interestingly, it seems to have elevated my mood. I'm usually at a low-grade depression (even with antidepressants), so I am not complaining.


I was wondering what effect (if any) it may have on my mood in the long term. I'm interested in hearing your experiences on this interesting drug.

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I'd never heard of Primadone before, and had to look it up. Theoretically, it can help with bipolar symptoms, but usually it does not. Which doesn't mean it won't work for you.


I think feeling better the first night after you treat your essential tremor is not surprising. It'll be a few weeks before you can tell if it is having a permanent affect on your mood.

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Unfortunately, you have to give it time. A *lot* of psychoactive meds make you feel like shit at first. You are going to have to tough it out for at least 4 weeks, unless a symptom becomes unbearable, and I mean unbearable, not just uncomfortable. You need to be patient. Otherwise you are going to quit every psycho-active med within a few days.

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I appreciate your advice and agree with you. However, in this case, the medication is adversely affecting my mood. I cannot risk chancing another depressive episode. My mood is stable for the first time in 5 years.


I am picky about my psyche meds, though. Fortunately, I have come across a good combination that complements me.

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