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I have serious memory problems that seem to be getting worse.

It could be the meds, and I have had doctors tell me that my BP may be the cause.  I don't remember having such a terrible memory before I was diagnosed (hahahaha, don't remember).

Yesterday I was looking at pictures someone sent me and my bf told me I had already seen them.  I DO NOT remember seeing them.  I started to cry because I was so upset that these pictures were new to me even though he told me they were not.

I forget what people tell me almost instantly.  I forget if I have done something at work and have to re-chceck.

Does anyone else have memory issues?

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I have memory issues off and on.

Usually it is something that should be obvious, like not remembering that I had seen someone and had lunch with them two days ago.

But sometimes I feel really focused and like I have no problems at all.

I think a lot of it has to do with strict adherence to my med schedule, honestly- it really helps.  Also, lack of sleep and/or being sick can hit me in a lot of different ways.

Also, having trouble paying attention or with my memory consistently usually makes me pay more attention to my moods, as sometimes its indicative of a depressive shift.

Having a regular schedule really helps cognition, for me.

I would have said that the meds have messed with me, but I honestly can't tell anymore what the problems are.


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IDoes anyone else have memory issues?


I think so.  Wait, did I already post this?  Um, I don't see it so I must not have.  Shit, I forgot what I was going to write.  We were talking about memory problems, right?  Yes, I have memory problems.  Don't remember when they started.  I think it was sometime before today, but I'm not sure.  Shit, I forgot it again.  Oh well, when I remember what I was going to write, I will probably forget it before I get a chance to write it down, so just assume it was really insightful.  I think it was.  Maybe.

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I've had memory problems since I was a child. Won't go in to all the difficulties that has caused.Social, educational, personal - like depression, anxiety etc. I could never get anyone to actually listen to me. THEY kept saying I didn't try hard enough etc.

Finally got a Dx from brain scan at AMEN Clinic. Apparently several issues that they reflect brain injury, probably at birth (like from forceps) A lot of semi-significant issues in various parts of brain, but main problem is poorly functioning temporal lobes.

You can see my Dx below and more whining about it if you access some of my posts on other threads.

Have taken meds off and on but nothing has ever helped that much. Again, even the docs were not acknowledging the "memory" component. I'm now on Wellbutrin and Lamictal. Still going up. Has somewhat helped depression but still no noticable difference in memory. Next on list are things like going back on Adderall, adding things like Aricept etc. I hope, but I don't "expect". I'm keeping myself going by staying in the process, but if nothing makes any difference I will again be in a place that I don't think I can handle anymore.

Yeah, yeah.

I'll stop now. Can't remember things but I can sure babble a lot!

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Heya WendigoEater,

Yah my memory sucks, mostly when I'm really depressed, and I just now started being able to read books again, all the way through.

I missed that more than I can say.

Goes without saying too that in mixeds I definitely don't make a lot of memories, because I've seen journal entries I don't remember writing, which is scary as hell.

I get a lot of weird looks from DH because I can watch a rerun of a TV show and still be caught up in the suspense/teists/punchlines.

Seems to be getting better on the whole with the Lamictal; we'll see.


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