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I am on this med for about month and a half. At first i felt that it will change my life and i had an amazing feeling about at the very begining of taking it. I feel the first signs that an antidepressant will work in first week but almost every one i tryed stoppes working after a short time. I have expectations from this kind of drugs

I saw that there already is a topic about this med, about two years old. As i see that is when doctors started prescribing it in usa.but in europe, at least in my country it has come on our market only about 2-3 months ago. And i in that topic somebody kept saying that it is an ssri but as far as i know i it controls more than just serotonin levels. So how can it be an ssri?

Anyway i felt a difference at the begining and i do feel better. But i got used to it. Firsti was on 5mg,and now i am on 10. I never gave up my hope in this med and that could be a sign that it is working for me. Just a half a minute ago i wanted to write that i want to increase the dose, but now i think i dont,at least for a month or so, or untill i talk to doctor about it and we decide to increase it. It is the antidepressant i tried. Only zoloft made feel similiar, but that was the first medication i was ever prescribed. And i tryed about 15 antidepressants at least, most of them ssris. I a very very glad my doctor put me on this med.

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