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ive just applied for Social Security for the 2nd time and if I get shot down again,Im getting a mouthpiece for the appeal.Any recomendations?


I wouldn't go to a lawyer.  The money you will be getting is small enough without having to pay for a lawyer part of that tiny little bit of money.

Go to an advocacy group. 

Go to an independent living center

Go to your disability law center....

Go anywhere but a FOR PAY lawyer.  They will just suck the money right out of that tiny little check.

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http://www.nosscr.org -----

Call them at (800) 431-2804

This organization should help you find an attorney near your area who can help you. I would recommend waiting until you know that you have to appeal before a judge before hiring an attorney.

Have you read:

http://www.crazymeds.us/ssdi.html  ??

Also, you should find an attorney who only gets paid if s/he wins your case---and this money will come out of your retroactive benefits check (I believe that the maximum fee is $5,300?  Not sure on that exact number). Good luck.

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I may be mistaken, but I was under the impression that there are rules saying lawyers don't get paid until you do.

It's not a rule, just a practice--like trial lawyers taking on ceases they're quite sure they'll win, and charging a percentage of the take...er, award, if they win.

The "no fee upfront" system basically allows those with no/low income/resources to be able to get a lawyer if their case looks good, when otherwise they wouldn't be able to afford representation and the case would never get to court.  (In the case of disability lawyers, it's not that you can't appeal etc. without one, it's just more likely you'll succeed--if your case is good)

One way to look at is that the lawyer is placing a bet on your case--i.e., they think your case is good and believe they can win it.  So, they'll give their time/expertise to you for free, and you'll give them a likely bigger paycheck if they win then you would have by paying hourly fees.  Your benefit would be good representation at no upfront cost, and the knowledge that they're gonna try their damndest to win the case--cuz if they lose, they don't get paid!

So no rules, but a very common practice.

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