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OCPD/OCD, Bipolar II, GAD, slight ADHD --- Official diagnoses: anxiety disorder, mood disorder

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I am a young adult male (18) with a range mental health issues:


In the past, more generally, I have suffered from the symptoms of depression, social anxiety, mood swings, anger outbursts (with no intention to harm), possibly states of mania (not sure if I've ever really been happy or just be very strange and energetic for a few months, intrusive thoughts, excessive obsessions, difficulty focusing on reading due to obsessive thought intrusion.


OCPD/OCD: Not sure what the difference is exactly, but apparently OCD involves more worry and I don't feel I worry too much about rechecking things.


Bipolar II: My whole life I haven't been sure if I was ever truly truly happy. I remember times I went a few months of feeling nearly perfect and unstoppable and other months just feeling bleh. Just got pretty much diagnosed this last week, despite it being generalized to simply being  "mood disorder".


GAD: I get confused by this disorder considering it's very hit or miss in being treat, in my opinion. People need to more specifically target their anxiety problems.


slight ADHD: I have not fully gone through an examination for this but I have been evaluated by psychiatrists regarding my ability to retain information while reading (my main struggle).




With my OLD PSYCHIATRIST: Wellbutrin SR 150mg 1/day, Zoloft 150mg 1/day, Vyvanse 40mg 1/day

--came up with OCPD diagnosis --allowed me to take Vyvanse without full testing and all


One visit PSYCHIATRIST: Started the Seroquel to take 50mg as needed, I need it to be XR. 


and now with my NEW PSYCHIATRIST: Zoloft 150mg 1/day, Seroquel XR 150mg 1/day

--seems to be stuck up about giving Vyvanse without real diagnosis for ADHD, but I would only want 20mg or so from him! I just need that little boost that I've had for the past 7 months or so


I have only been on this new combo of meds for a little while and I already feel pretty great, FINALLY LIKE ME AGAIN! but a little bit too tired and slightly mentally foggy. My anxiety can go down a slight bit more, but I don't want to necessarily increase either Zoloft or Seroquel because that will just make too sedated.

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