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I have been walking in my sleep since I was a kid and certain things trigger it for me including extreme tiredness, high stress levels and medications.


I know that some sleeping tablets can cause sleepwalking, ambien in particular. I used to sleep walk when l was on zopiclone and go wandering around the house at night doing various stuff. However the time I did my most sleep walking and was very confused was when I was on olanzapine.


When I was on olanzapine I would eat in my sleep and wander around and found asleep in various strange places, one being standing up, holding onto the banister.


Two years ago when I was in the hospital,  I was taking olanzapine and several other medications and I think I walked in my sleep most nights. According to the nurses I used to take all my clothes off and wander around the ward in a confused state, urinating on the floor and mumbling incoherently

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