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New 'enhanced' bookmark manager for Chrome

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A few days ago I thought I had a virus on my mac that screwed up my bookmarks.

Turned out it was Google.

They rolled out the new Bookmark Manager which, in my non humble opinion, sucks big time.


In case anyone here runs into the same issue, this is how you revert back to the old Bookmark Manager. 

However, beware. Google may remove this revert option at any time.

Many users are going to Firefox.


Type this exact url in your browser window:




At the top you will see "Enable Enhanced Bookmarks"

Change that to 'Disabled"

At the bottom click Relaunch Now.


If you have a ton of bookmarks and a ton of bookmark folders, I would change this to disabled even if your Chrome has not yet received this ridiculous update.


Basically, they made it 'pretty'. Using icons instead of lists. Letting Chrome decide where to put the bookmarks. Not letting you have a bookmark in two folders. And it takes forever just to make a bookmark. No more stars. 


If it ain't broke don't fix it. I can only assume that the Google gods do not use bookmarks at all.


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