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Cheers for US!

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Just the other day I was down because of my boyfriend's fears. I was ashamed of myself for not keeping jobs and residences.

"But wait- don't leave so fast- don't be afraid, just once in a lifetime..."

Last night I started turning my thinking around, using positive rephrasing of the stupid negative thoughts, and thinking of all the positive I've done in my life.

How can we not respect ourselves? We are really the strong shoulders of our families and friendships. When we find ourselves at the pit of the ocean we come back up and alive, ready to take it all on.


Cheer- rah rah rah


Not meaning to be cheesy!

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We are the brave ones.  We are the ones willing to take a risk, admit we need help and get it. 

The ones who should be ashamed are the ones who know they need help and don't go about finding it.  They just want others to do it for them.  They are content being discontent and complaining about it and everything else.

Thanks heavens we had the insight to know there is a better way to live and work really hard to find it!

Cheers to us!!!!!!!

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God yes how I agree.

Little story here:

I have a friend. Incredible I know. Now this friend has been moaning at me on and off for the past two years that she thinks she may be depressed. Now considering I've been battling with severe depressive episodes for pretty much that length of time, and much more recently mania and hallucinations, it's been quite triggering for me to listen to her go on about how fucked up her life is. I've told her to go to her GP. I've told her I'll come to the GP with her (she knows I'm MI). And every time all I get is an excuse. 'No, he may say there's nothing wrong with me'. 'No, I'll be just another disappointment to my friends and bf.' Blah blah etc etc. Now, I know how hard it is to take the first steps to get help. Took me long enough. But no matter what I say, she won't listen.

So, to go back to the thread, I'm now seeing it as a) She just likes the attention (a possibility, knowing this girl's history) or B) She really is depressed, and is afraid to get help. But I've tried, I've really tried. And I think like Anne said, she is content being discontent and moaning about it.

So, sod it I say. She's still my friend, there's a lot of things about her I like. But it's down to her now.

And yes, hurrah for us. I'm glad I'm getting help. It's so hard- every time I call my pdoc, I feel intense guilt, more so cos she isn't my pdoc (I've probably waffled on about this situation elsewhere). But even if she were my regular pdoc, I'd still find it hard. Sometimes I want to run away and hide somewhere and take back everything that's happened in the hope that this suspected BP beast will just disappear. But I know it won't, and whilst I may have started down a long hard road, the only option is to keep going and hope that one day I'll have the life I was on track for before this mess started. And that maybe I can learn things along the way and have a little bit more life experience then the person stood next to me.

Theraputic rant over.

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whatsgoinon -- very healthy POV!  You should be proud of yourself.  I have very little tolerance for people who refuse to get help for themself, yet just continue to complain.  Don't ask for advice if you're not going to take it, or at least try to do something to help yourself.  Keep your misery to yourself!

I do, however, sometimes feel that we do have an "advantage", because we have an appreciation for a good life that lots of people don't have.  We know that a good life is "earned" (for lack of a better word right now).  I just think so many people don't understand that concept.

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We have to work so hard for the peace of mind that others take for granted.  I

know I am the one who is holding my family together right now (scary thought!)

We are much stronger than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.

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I took in my underage sibs when my dad was too sick, and when he died I came up to handle the estate. The estate has dragged on and on...

whatisgoingon- i think this woman is probably feeling like she can't trust the GP to give her anything to help her, because (s)he won't believe her or think it is serious. we feel desperate when we get to that point. just emphatically tell her that she must go, and if the GP is not understanding, you know the psych jargon to make him/her understand.

Everyone! It is so tough for us to get out the positivity when we feel shitty, or even when we feel good, to feel REALLY good and not be manic, just happy. and satisfied with our accomplishments!

yeah for us!

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