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What the heck can I do?

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Yeah, I know I posted a while back that with the whole pregnancy I was feeling awesome.  Flash forward to now and I feel like complete crap.  My pdoc won't even talk to me about meds until after my OB appt.

I can't sleep.  I hate everyone and everything.  I have the urge to buy expensive electronics.  I yell at random people.

What the heck can I do?  Are there any mood stabilizers that are safe during pregnancy?

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Oh my gosh, I don't know, but I so feel bad for you.  Pregnancy is hard enough on a "normal" person's psyche.  Is this your fist pregnancy?  I do know from experience that hormones do settle down a bit after the first trimester is over.  Maybe, along with that and once you go to the ob and get some approved meds, you'll begin to feel better.  I'm sure there's something out there.  I'm willing bet that people who suffer from seizures don't go off their meds when they're pregnant, but I don't know! 

Good luck and just pay attention to you feelings and know it is only temporary!


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I don't know anything about this myself, but I did a quick search at google using "anticonvulsant" and "during pregnancy" and I did find this article: Pregnancy and epilepsy: new hope from a new-ish anticonvulsant. The March 22, 2005 issue of Neurology was largely devoted to the question of epilepsy in pregnancy, and carried three studies of anticonvulsant treatment. One of these followed 414 pregnancies in which Lamictal was the only anticonvulsant used in the first trimester. The results of the Lamictal study looks good.

If I were in your shoes, I'd print out this article and talk with both your ob and your pdoc about it.

Here's another article about the studies: New Studies Show Mixed Results on Epilepsy Drugs and Birth Defects. Again about the negative impact of other anticonvulsants, but the good news about Lamictal as well.

Best wishes. Please keep us posted, okay?


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I'm actually moving this to the pregnancy/meds board.

There is a lot of useful info there, especially in the stickies. There are a lot of members posting there who are going through this now or who have.

Here is also a link to a post by SOOL. She mentions a link to a pregnancy registry for different meds. You can't get info on the data, but your healthcare provider can call for it. I would recommend looking into it.



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Deeeep breaths...there is plenty you can do (well, that your pdoc can do.) Bear in mind most pdocs have a "CYA" policy with preggo patients, which is why you are being made to wait till you have spoken to your OB. Ideally your pdoc should be the one communicating with your OB, you may have to sign a release of some sort for this to be possible, but once they are on the same wavelength, relief should be in sight.

Please have a look around and print some stuff out to talk to your pdoc and OB about. Generally Lamictal seems to be the "preferred" mood stabilizer for pregnancy at the moment. Depending on what you need in particular, there are other meds that are relatively safe during pregnancy (and certainly a LOT safer than an unmedicated, falling-apart mother-to-be!)

There ARE options, there IS hope, hang in there till your appointment, try as much as possible to minimize stress and take it easy until then. Easier said than done, I know, but take good care of yourself, and please do not hesitate to go to the ER if you feel like you need to before then.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or PM me!


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