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I used to have a moderate to mild autism growing up - trying as hard as possible in school just to keep up with everyone.. sitting alone, etc - I later developed more of a paranoia/depression disorder. I was given pills... anti-depressants and anti-psychotics...  then I completely lost the joy in life... no more friends and will to make friends... But later I got off them (the pills) with meditation and my own personal research into curing the actual problems that I had with regards to amino acid deficiencies -- at the base, not just the end symptoms of serotinin/dopamine deficiencies -- such as fixing gut problems, immune system problems, neurological problems, adrenal system problems.


I am a casual software engineer & tester. The research I did and personal tests led to me eating different kinds of foods promoting the immune system.


I can talk for some time about each aspect....


I am an outlaw in terms of healing, because every aspect of curing the immune system is avoided typically by the mainstream. But i come as a middle man ultimately for the information on http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/... the little voices who do the research, because i'm not the one doing the actual biological tests. And i speak from personal experience as well, and others accounts on getting better.



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Mike, were you hoping to link to a specific article at  NCBI that speaks about autism?


I only got a generic link for NCBI when I clicked on it.

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Mike, you're being silly. Everybody knows that an overgrowth of yeast causes Autism, and that you cure it with probiotics and oil of oregano.


Oh, wait, sorry. The cure is actually coconut oil.


Unless it turns out to be avoiding milk and gluten.


Or you could try rebalancing the nervous system via drainage. Avoid caffeine while you do it.


Although, if your birthday falls at the end of winter, you probably just need loads and loads of Vitamin D.


Or maybe, just maybe, you could accept that Autism is "a naturally occurring human neurological variation and not a disease process to be cured."


I'm going to interpret your post as meaning "I'm here to speak for the little guy" and not as "the voices in my head told me to write this," even though your wording is ambiguous. But if you're going to get along here on CB, you need to know right off the bat that when you start making claims like you made above, you need to cite the hell out of them, and to use reputable sources, or you are going to get skewered. And you are not going to make any friends with the idea that ASDs are a disease, because ASD is what we are. There is nothing to cure. This is my humanity.


Other than that, welcome to CrazyBoards. Please feel free to contact me or one of the other mods if you have any questions about how the site works.


Gearhead (moderator, Aspie)

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I think you might still have some symptoms going on mike, and I mean that in the most compassionate way. There isn't much in the way of a cure for autism. Mildly autistic people are sometimes able to overcome and cope and strategize around their autism but it doesn't disintegrate. I hope you're right but it isn't fair to assume that everyone is capable of altering their diagnosis. Much love!

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