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Misophonia/sensory processing issues coming off cymbalta / onto elavil?

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First off - if anything here is screwy please just yell at me via PM, I'm a very new user and still learning the ropes. Mods, if this isn't acceptable as far as posts go, feel free to delete.


Anyhow -


Has anyone experienced misophonia/sensory processing issues after coming off cymbalta?


I'm about 2 weeks from taking my last dose and switching to elavil and within the last couple of days it's gotten to where I just cannot STAND certain textures/sounds. Popcorn against my teeth, too-dry towels, certain plastic bags rubbing against themselves - they all just make me want to burst into tears because they're so overwhelmingly awful. I can barely put the experience into words, it's that negative.


I would chalk this up to some undiagnosed aneurotypicality (sheesh, how's that for big words) except it's come on really suddenly in the past couple days. I have all this popcorn I can't eat because it's too squidgey against my teeth, it's awful.


So far cymbalta withdrawal is the best I've got but I really have no idea. I've followed it up with my psych (who straight up said he didn't know anything - cymbalta withdrawal is my diagnosis, not his) and am going to follow it up with a neurologist but I just wanted to know if this is something somebody else has had experience with too.

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