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I gave to a church?!?

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During the rioting in Baltimore, some knuckleheads set the Southern Baptist Church's mostly built senior center aflame. The center included 60 affordable apartments.

Since affordable housing is desperately needed everywhere all the freaking time in the USA, and as I am not totally broke at the moment, I chipped in a few bucks.

I am sure the church is insured against this. But I support the work they do, even if I can't handle their religion.

I suggested they build a youth center as well, connected to the senior center preferably, if they get enough donations from people like myself.

Apparently, righteously angry youngsters in Baltimore need more contact with older, wiser people in order to help channel their collective rage into positive action?

I strongly urge giving directly to the church if you wish to help them out.

It occurs to me that it's quite possible for scammers to start a " fundraising campaign " that will not actually go back to the church, but right into the scammer's pockets?

If I can figure that out, someone else will surely have done so...and be amoral enough to actually do it.


Anyway, this is just what I did.

I'm on this planet to fix things, so that's part of my life's mission.

Do what you will.

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