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How long do Vyvanse crash and withdrawal symptoms last?

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Hey guys,


So a few quick questions: 


1) When coming down from your dose of Vyvanse taken for the day, how long do you guys find the crash to last you? 


2) How long do withdrawal symptoms last when you stop taking it? (I usually only take it about 1-3 times a week for the past few months now for school). Will I even any experience any sort of withdrawal seeing as I don't take it every day? What kind of symptoms/feelings should I expect if I do withdrawal?


My current dosage is 60mg, occasionally 90mg when tolerance builds up. Going to stop taking it for a few months as of today.



Thanks so much for taking the time to read this over!


Best regards, 



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I take 70 mg of vyvanse twice daily. I take my second dose at 12:00 and, usually, by 5 or 6 it is wearing off. I feel tired when it wears off. I have had to go a couple of days without it and those days are rather hellish. I felt depressed and very pessimistic. Not to mention incredibly tired.

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