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Holed Up Naked in a Hotel


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that's it, sistah girl. I'm creaming right now over Sean (have been since Ridgemont High.) AND Nicole!~ I'm watching it now

THAT'S right, I have seen it. Liked it a lot. Sean is good, great action.

Hope you are getting room service too!


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It does get rid of the shit.

Yep, it does. Why did you tell them where you were going? I would have said I would call them. Don't call me. But you have a lot  more people following you around than I do.

You seem like one hell of a strong person. So whatever Jackson said, to hit so low below the belt, must have been, well, way no fair.

I'd take back half of his Christmas presents, or call his mother and ask what you can bring.

Sounds like you are doing well, taking care of you. This is something we "girls" just don't learn well. And, well, sounds like you have been paying attention and have it down.

Tell Ed that Bill Gates just got Time's person of the year. So if he needs help, call Bill. Apparently he has been a giving fool this year.


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Oh thank GOD you aren't 44 years younger than me. Just a few years. There are so many young people here that I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST!! I just seem to relate better to those who have been walking the planet in the same decades as me.

I got nothing to prove. Is that apathy or maturity, seriously?

I would go with maturity. Really. Apathetic and you wouldn't be at that hotel, eatin' a toasted cheese, taking care of you.

Keep workin' on your stuff and I hope you find/found a hottie in the sports bar.

I don't get it either. OH, and love the t-shirt. It reminds me that I forgot to order a coffee cup for my husband for Christmas. He doesn't smoke, got me to quit, and when I took it up again briefly, I got "The Look". It's really awful. A cross between a lost puppy and a love sick teen "YOU AREN'T SMOKING AGAIN ARE YOU? I WANT TO BE WITH YOU AND YOU ARE GOING TO DIE"

It didn't take long for me to quit again and it's been 3 and half years this time. I was hacking anyway.

Hmm. what's on the breakfast menu with room service?


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Uh, not that we were close in age. (Love the avatar by the way)

But I could be LOSING it since I recently turned 50. I remember when my GRANDMOTHER was 50.

I DO remember the pm.

No hurry. Hey - you got shit goin' on. I just pop in to live vicariously every hour or two. Not the bad part - the "in the hotel room with room service" part.

Gonna cook.


( we already had this conversation about being around the same age????....Shit)

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What is it,




It is like

my world

is turned upside down.

I don't deal

with any


for any holidays.

So I

don't miss all


But I really thought,

I would

understand my son better.

At 17,

I could(and would)

do or try anything,

I can't watch,

if he tries to use a hammer

or screwdriver,

Hell,he can't

dig a fucking hole

without directions.

He doesn't really like to drive,

unless it's a video game.

I got a lot,

from my Dad,even with

my Mom's best efforts to

separate us,

I have no idea,

what I'm leaving him.


wandered off.

I should be

naked in a hotel.


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