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One day at a time - again

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Thought I'd say hi. I'm a 40 something year old Mom - bipolar 2 with wicked anxiety. Well medicated and until recently pretty stable - or at least had found the stable vs. side effects trade off spot. Last big episode was 2008. Sounds pretty ok - not living the dream, but given my past doing just fine and was able to have real joy in many moments.

Over the past two months I've had to face my 14 year olds burgeoning mental illness. She had been purging, cutting, having suicidal thoughts, etc without anyone's knowledge for six months or so. We've had two ER visits and a suicide attempt in the past 6 weeks.

This this isn't about my daughters. This is about me - as a person with mental illness and now as a mentally ill parent of a mentally ill teenager. After the ER visit #1, I ramped up my meds because I started not to be able to function. The suicide attempt and ER visit #2 were this week, and I'm loosing it. I'm taking some time off of work, ramping up on meds and trying everything I can think of to keep it together. Last night had one of the worst panic attacks I've had in a long time. So, this is another way I hope to be able to find an outlet.

I'm totally adrift right now.

Looking forward to being around folks who know. Looking forward to blogging into the empty spaces.

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Fallcolors, I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner.  Welcome to Crazyboards, and I apologize that we didn't welcome you earlier today.


We have a parenting forum, and it might be helpful for you to post about your daughter there.  There are several people here with children who have MI issues, and it's perfectly okay to talk about your kids and the challenges you are facing.


I hope things improve for you and your daughter.  Let us know if we can help you in any way.



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Hi Fallcolors! Welcome to CB.


I'm so sorry about your daughter. How awful.

You are doing everything you can, still....A HUGE panic attack is completely understandable.

Do you have a med you can take for that?


Like Olga said, there is a parenting forum where you can post about what is happening.

It really helps to hear from other parents who have had similar experiences with their kids.


I just found out this year about my 15 yr. old daughter cutting. It was/is devastating.

She is now in therapy, not cutting, but still...daily battle, daily wins, daily losses.

Today was a good day. :-}


One day at a time. Sometimes one hour at a time.

Your daughter is definitely blessed to have a parent who cares.


Start blogging into those empty spaces. Great idea. 

It will be fine. You will be fine. Love trumps all.


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