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Yuck yuck yuck. That is a hell of a catch 22.

But don't you have to be happy with you first, before you can be in a comfortable and stable relationship? If you don't take the medication you're supposed to be on regularily, it's not going to help. If you're worried about weight gain, talk to your pdoc and ask for something different. There are a ton of options out there that are libido and weight-friendly.

My dh told me that he was attracted to my confidence, which is rather amusing, because I have such low self esteem. But apparently I faked it well enough to make him think that I was confident, and eventually I just got used to being confident. I know that doesn't help at this moment, but maybe it'll help later. He doesn't have to know you're not confident unless you tell him. Stand up tall, shoulders straight, keep eye contact, and smile.

I still have some self esteem issues, but that's just be trying to live up to a Barbie and pin up girl standard. But he's already told you that you're beautiful, so at least you know that if nothing else. And that's ALWAYS an esteem booster! It's like eating dark chocolate or something.

I'm a very monogamous person as well. I couldn't ever date more than one person at a time. Being in one relationship is consuming enough, let alone two or more! Besides, I'm selfish and would want the attention, and jealous and would get mad at not getting the attention.

Best wishes!


Oh- me and dh have been together for five years.

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>>But don't you have to be happy with you first, before you can be in a comfortable and stable relationship?

I know people say this, but I've never been happy with myself so if I wait for this before I start a relationship, I might never be in one again!!!  Of course, I'm working towards being happier and more confident, but I can't put my dating life on hold in the meantime. 

The weird thing is that at one time in my life when I was quite depressed I was in a very healthy and stable relationship...but we were too young and broke up eventually.  Since then, I haven't had much luck finding "Mr. Right."

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