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Sooo anybody have experience on this one?


I smoked soo much of that lovely green stuff all my life that it actually caused what the doc said '' drug induced psycosis''

Havent had a joint in about a month or so, yet still fairly psychotic (delusions, paranoia, fear, racing thoughts) The best way I can describe it is that its like thoughts from my sub-conscience are slipping into my conscience on a regular basis.


Any ideas??

Anybody experience similar?



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A good friend of mine with bipolar disorder was made significantly worse by her habit, and so far it hasn't improved for her once it got bad.  I'm not going to get into the same old debate about whether or not weed is harmful for people with MI, but in my experience, it does make things worse in more than just the short-term.  Take that however you like.

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My brother had a psychotic episode when he was in his early 20s and he smoked a lot of weed.


He was picked up by the police banging on some old lady's door in the middle of the night. He had escaped out his bedroom window after his phone turned into the devil, and had run across the fields (we lived in the country) until he got to this house. He was covered in mud and extremely distressed, as was the old lady. He had to go IP, obviously.


He stopped smoking and although he has not had an episode like this again, he has never been the same. He still hears voices and noises and he is a bit of recluse. 


So yes, this happens. It sure does.

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This isn't as uncommon as one would think. Pot comes in many different types and each one effects you differently. I took a few drags off a joint, puked, hallucinated all night, until my meds kicked in. Haven't touched it since. Oh, and the paranoia!


Pot stays in your system for a long time. It is possible to have one episode and never another. But pot is still in your system, working its way out. 


Congrats on quitting, a month is a long time. 

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Thanks for the replies :) Very insightful.

Ya I hope to God I get better again , racing thoughts are a killer! I can't concentrate on anything even when people are speaking to me my mind just drifts away unwillingly and i look like an ignorant ''xyz '' though its my head just going 90 and can't think .. 


Ah how I wish I could get back to normal


Thanks WinterRosie I'll have a look around the boards there now :)

And thanks San , Over a month and a bit now , looking to go to a treatment facility in my local area to hopefully re-integrate me back into soceity .. Like this time last year I had a full time job, a girlfriend, a lot of close friends,, and now im back living at home , afraid of my own shadow , hoping the racing thoughts will stop bu they won't , and wanting to die because of it ..


Ahh hopefully one day at a time tings will get better


On benzos right now to keep me calm(ish) but they are only temporary and am afraid how things will go once I come off em ..


Lifes a mess

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If I smoke the wrong strand or too much of any strand it does that to me too. I can go in to complete psychosis and once thought my friends were trying to kill me.


Yupp I think that's what happened me, i was stoned all day every day for like 4 or 5 months , stopped now for a month and have psychosis now as a result :P

Now where's that life rewind-button haha

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Nobody believes me, but since starting Effexor I haven't been able just get stoned from marijuana... it makes me absolutely trip balls for hours. I can't use it anymore, which sucks because it was the one social thing I did. :/

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